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Tiger Woods Breaking News Golf Writers Association of America Will Officially Boycott Tiger Woods Press Conference

The Golf Writers Association of America have officially decided to boycott Tiger Woods press conference Friday. They will protest the event because they feel that "Tiger is screwing with the media" according to TMZ.

Tiger Woods press conference started out as a welcome event by many, but more and more people are jumping aboard and protesting his choices regarding the event. The date and time was first talked about with his fellow golfers this morning. Ernie Els went as far as calling Tiger Woods, selfish. Another unnamed pro golfer wondered if Tiger was "sticking it to Accenture", the sponsor of the Tournament.


Many others are not happy that Tiger Woods is not taking questions at this press conference. TMZ reports that The Golf Writers Association of America just released a statement that "the way Tiger is planning to hold this press conference, goes against the grain of everything we believe in." GWAA protests speak to the hand picking of reporters and the refusal to answer questions at the press conference being held by Tiger.


The GWAA believes that showing up for this event and not being able to ask questions "is just giving creditability to an event that isn't worthy of it". The event is being called a press conference and news conference by the media. The way Tiger has it set up, it is nothing more than a platform for him to come out and read a speech.


The world has waited for the day that Tiger Woods would return to golf, unfortunately it is Tiger calling the shots. The shots that he is calling has been a source of aggravation for many in the golf world and in the media. Tiger seems to be forgetting who and what sailed him over the top and into the life he is living. He has the skill and the talent, but if it wasn't for the media who has made him a sports superstar and the fans that followed his every move, he would just be a very good golfer in the back yard of suburbia.


Tiger needs to show just a little bit of humility and come down to the level that others in his place would have to contend from. If you want the apology to be taken as real, and then open yourself up in this press conference and let the same people that made you famous, ask some questions. Last, but not least, it does feel like a bit of retaliation on Tiger's part to be holding a press conference during the Accenture Tournament. This eye for an eye mentality is not taking your golf mates into consideration.


Being the world's number one golfer does not just entail swinging an accurate club, it is loyalty to the PGA and the other players with you week in and week out. Without those other players you could not be number one. It has been no secret that your departure from golf cost the PGA financially, why would you continue to do this by interrupting a tournament that your peers will be playing in. If it is just to show Accenture that nobody drops you and gets away with it, then this is very immature and this whole ordeal has not taught you a thing.


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